There are people in the world who do not love money, but there are no people who do not love beauty.........

  was created with a simple intention: create high quality, luxury products with affordable price that support, stylist, and guest. 
After more and more people recognized a need in the industry, Emily & Peny, along with Karey & Jack, came together since the same goal and reason with super passion!
They take advance of their experience and knowledge, the vision for Sofeel began. 
Strategically formulated and tested in-salon, Sofeel’s line of luxury, high-performing products support salons, stylists and clients.
Look! Although they are from ordinary cities, without strong backend and enough funds, it couldn't prevent them from pursuing of beauty and help more girls become beautiful, confident.
Each girl is an angel, you deserve it!

Sofeel HAIR BRAND was created with integrity. Shedding and tangle-free, these products perform to assist in achieving the style you want. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before leaving the factory to be worthy of every customer's support and trust. 
Since we have our own factory, there is no third-part, customers can enjoy the most affordable price with high-quality hair!

Meantime, in order to offer better service, we had opened physical store in the USA. Customers can go to physical store to purchase items directly!

We believe every girl who loves beauty will find their own brilliant on here by Sofeel!


WHY Sofeel Hair?

1 Authentic & Organically Sourced

When shopping Sofeel Hair, you should expect to receive hair that is organically curated with you in mind. With over 10 years of experience in the raw hair industry, we know the ins and outs of everything. We work with small family based factories and this allows us to control and maintain the quality process.  Yummy Hair has absolutely NO synthetic fibers, NO animal hair and NO foul smell! Just PURE HAIR! In fact, our hair smells so good, it will blow your mind! Each Yummy bundle is conditioner washed before we ship them to you.

2 Longevity & versatility

Every Sofeel product is made to last so long as you care for it. Our hair looks better with every wash, year after year. When you shop with Sofeel Hair, we provide you with all that you need to keep it looking brand new every day. The styles you can achieve with your Sofeel Hair are endless. Because. you are receiving pure natural hair, you are able to wear it straight, wavy or curly. There are no limits.

3 Quality Control

We uphold a very high standard on the type of hair that we source. We pour this same passion to the hair that we ship to you. Before any Sofeel Hair is shipped out, they are hand washed and air dried to ensure you are receiving only the very best.

4 Customer Service & Support 

We believe our customers are our biggest assets. Without you, there is no us. We provide you with loads of resources on our blogs and social media platforms on how to care for you and your hair. In the event, you need to reach a live person, you are able to call our Customer service:
TEL: 7867590158

5 Fast Shipping 

We understand that your hair is serious business and we don't want you to ever wait long weeks to receive your Sofeel Hair. This is why we have flexible and easy shipping schedules. We never pre-sale or over-sell. All verified orders ship within 3 business days or sooner. Orders ship out of our warehouse in Prosper, TX. Feel free to see our shipping policy for more details.


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