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There are many loose wave hair and deep wave hair on the market. But today I want to introduce you to loose deep wave. It is a new hairstyle. This hairstyle is a great choice for fashion women who want a uniquely elegant and elegant hairstyle. Many customers will want to ask, how can I have the best loose deep wave? First, you should learn about as one of the top brand female hair suppliers - sofeelwigs, sofeelwigs is always 100% Virgin human hair, top quality, and lowest price. Loose deep wave is no exception.

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Loose Deep Wave Wigs


When women want to choose a wavy hair as her hairstyle, there are body wave, loose wave, deep wave, water wave, natural wave, jerry curly wave and kinky curly wave to choose from. Do you know the difference between them?


Loose deep wave is a hairstyle between loose wave and deep wave. It looks more elegant than loose wave and looks more fashionable than deep wave.


The loose deep wave weave has a natural carefree loose curl pattern that is very easy to work with. Loose deep wave hairstyles are becoming more popular among women around the world. The hair is light, super soft, shiny, silky and luxurious. Loose deep waves are our best selling hair because of its beautiful appearance, thick, plump, elastic nature, and easy maintenance.


If you are looking for the best price and high quality virgin human hair products, customer-oriented return policy and service, free shipping, Sofeelwigs is the right place for you! Use coupon code to buy the best quality loose wavy hairstyle for You bring big surprises.

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Loose Deep Description


1. Did not have any hair head-end reversly. we can guarantee no any tangles, which can be dyed and curled as your own hair.which is also called virgin girl hair, which is mean to cutting the hair directly from young girl head, no nutrition hair oiling, no tousling, then to tied it with elastic as a single bundle.


2. The loose deep wave hair is of high quality. Is 100% Virgin Human Hair, cut from one donor, cuticle holding, no lice and nits, no grey hair. The ends of Loose Deep wave hair is full length and weight, all the hair is the same color, the hair ends is healthy.


3. Hair Color: Natural Black


4. Hair Length: 12-26 Inch


5. Shipment: DHL 3-6 days, USPS 3-5 days, USPS Overnight 2-3 days.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and hope that you will benefit a lot. Do you have any questions about our loose deep wave? If you have any enquiries or suggestions, please leave a message below. If you like this blog, please let me know. See you next time.


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