Should You Wear A T Part Wig Or U Part Wig?


Nowadays, there are many human Hair wig types at the hair market. U part wig and T part wig are the newest hottest trend on the market. They are fast and easy protective hairstyles for you in the beauty world.

Do you know the difference between the t part lace wig and u part wig? Should you wear a t part wig or u part wig? Today, let’s talk about the problems and you will choose the best protective hairstyles for winter.

What Is U Part Wig?

U part wigs, are hair extensions that are sewn on a U-shaped wig cap that features fine sheer mesh and clips underneath. Typically, U part wigs come in an array of sizes to suit your needs.

You can choose a center, middle, or side U-part to achieve your desired style. Since the U-shape part is constructed at the top of the wig, this offering allows you to wear your natural hair through that opening.

As a result, you’ll be able to blend your natural hair with the wig and cover the extensions to achieve a more natural-looking hairline—all without spending too much time in the mirror. Not to mention, your natural hair will be able to breathe, which is always a plus!

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The Features Of U Part Wig

1. Hair materials are 100% raw hair, there is no chemical process, tangle-free, shedding-free, glossy, shiny, no lice, and no split.

2. A lace cap with a U shape design, you can leave out your own hair for this part, there is no need for lace closure or lace frontal to sew in. One thing should pay more attention to, you’d better choose the same hair color with your own hair, or dye it to the same color, or it won’t match your own hair.

3. 3 clips in the wig cap, you can clip the wig on your own hair easily immediately without glue, stable and secure. No harm to your own hair.

4. Adjustable straps on the back of the wig cap. So you can adjust the size of the U part wig, not too tight, nor too loose. Very comfortable!

5. U part wig complete by machine-made, the wig cap is breathable and comfortable. Machine-made hair products reduce the time of production. Customers can get it very fast.

6. Blending perfectly to your own hair, very natural, invisible, and undetectable. Supernatural looking without any harm to your own hair.


What Is T Part Wig?

For a T part wig, you’ll get lace from one ear to a different one on the sides and within the splitting space, which makes a “T” shape on the wig.

The hand-tailored lace region stretches out from ear to ear (13inches) the same because the lace front wig is yet insufficient lace at the rear with the expectation of complimentary splitting. You’ll simply be able to part with in the center. The splitting length for the foremost part comes in 4inch and 6 inches.

Sofeel 4x4 Lace Transparent Lace T Part Wig Hand Tied Lace Wig Body Wig Natural Color Wig

The Features Of T Part Wig

1. A typical 13*4 T-part lace wig just has a 13” * 4” “T” shape parting space and other sections are machine-made. This is an attempt to make lace wigs more affordable but still with long deep parting. If you are not spending all your coins on a lace wig, you can choose T-part lace wigs.

2. Because of the “T” structure of the wig cap, only has lace along the perimeter. and the parting area, it’s a fixed part line, so you are unable to free part your T-part lace wig. But you can customize your parting area on the left, middle, or right part of the cap.

3. This wig is quite similar to a standard lace wig. However, it has less lace, and so the hand-sewn section is less than regular full-frontal lace wigs.

4. This is where it gets nice. The T part wig is quite versatile, and you can style it in as many ways as persons do with a lace front wig. So, you can get creative with your styles. Straighten. Crimp. Curl.

Sofeel Hand Tied 4x4 Transparent Lace Bob T Part Wig Straight Hair Wig

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