How Can I Protect My Hair from Sun Damage?

The sun is shining to an extent and it seems like we are again in for a sunny, hot and long summer. For many, summer is ideal to go outside, flaunting your gorgeous hair and enjoy your day to the level best. However, stepping out direct under scorching sunlight might cause you negatively – your skin, complexion and most importantly your hair or a wig might get impacted by it.

However, dont fret! As there are many amazing ways by which you can protect your hair effectively.


Read on to explore how you can protect your hair from sun damage when this time you go outside to spend your day well.


1. Avoid Direct Sunlight


Have been waiting for it all year long, but you are with thoughts that a vast amount of direct sunlight can damage your human hair wig? This is not only about wigs or extensions – as sunlight can damage the beauty and color of your hair as well.


Nevertheless, this doesnt mean that you should stop going outside or avoid the sun at all. Rather, you should try some tricks to make your organic hair or wigs protected when you are outside. For this, the first and foremost thing is to diminish exposure to direct sunlight for which you can wear a hat or might a chic scarf – whatever goes well with your outfit.


2. Stop Storing Your Wig in Hot Temperatures


Keeping your wig in cool areas at your home is of utmost importance if you want to use it for a longer period. Always remember that storing your human hair wigs appropriately is significant throughout the year, especially on hot summer days.


What you can do to keep your wigs in cool places is to avoid putting your wig in sunlight or dont dry it outside. Moreover, make sure that you dont put your wig in a cars trunk as it is often the hot area that can damage your wig ultimately.


3. Establish A Protective Shield for Strands


When it is the time to go to the beach or a swim session on a weekend, make sure to take a wide-teeth comb and brush your hair with nourishing oil. It will help keep your hair shine, silky and smooth along with creating a barrier from the sun to protect it. You can buy nourishing oil from any brand available on the market. Simply make sure that the oil is effective enough for your human hair wig and can keep them protected and hydrated.


4. Use Hair Masks


Just a few minutes under the high scorching sunlight can cause you a lot making your wig appear oily, frizzy and rough. One of the best ways to provide a shield to your wig or organic hair is to apply a hair mask twice or thrice a week. A hair mask will help not only with organic hair but a wig made with 100% human hair. Quality hair masks help in maintaining the moisture level of your wig. In addition, they help keep sunlight away when you are under the sun and act as a treatment and repair ointment to your hair wig. You may apply a hair mask on your wig before going out outside or once you return home at the day's end.


5. Stop Over Washing Your Wig


Your scalp produces natural oil that is healthy for your hair which is why it is always suggested to wash your hair less and cut back on shampoo sessions. Likewise, to keep your wig long-lasting it is essential to wash and clean it.


However, choose a shampoo that doesnt have a vast amount of harsh chemicals that can be dangerous for human hair wigs rather than soothing it when expose to the sun. You may opt for dry shampoo and include it into your routine a few times a week. Nevertheless, if you are using your wig on a regular basis you might wash it thrice a week – better to do it according to your certain lifestyle.


6. Throw on a Hat


A good, light and soft fabric wide-brimmed hat can do wonders for your hair in summer. It helps cover not only your hair but your face and neck as well. Direct sunlight as stated above can not only damage your wig but have negative impacts on your organic hair as well. Make sure that you are wearing a hat when you go outside to perform your daily jobs.


A tip is to go for tightly woven hats as these are pretty protective of the straw ones. In addition, you might look for brands that offer hats with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) number as these are highly influential in keeping the sunlight away creating a strong barrier between it and your hair.


7. Consider an Overnight Treatment


What else you can do to protect your hair from the sun is considered overnight hair treatment. It is not only beneficial for your organic hair but has equal benefits for a human hair wig as well. You may try getting some leave-in conditioners that come with built-in SPF protection. This can be one of the wisest choices to keep your hair protected from sweltering sunlight.


It Comes Down to Proper Protection


The sun can be the biggest challenge for you which will continue to damage your skin and hair as well – whether it is your organic hair or a human hair wig. However, there is always a solution to every problem that you only need to find out.To protect your natural hair, one of the best ways is to get a quality human hair wig that can last longer with a little care.

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