Which hairstyle is suitable when you doing sports?


Health is an eternal topic. Every girl wants to have a curve to see. Now more and more people pay attention to health. Fitness is not only limited to individual activities but more like a big social event. How can social activities not Pay attention to the image!
Sofeel had been summarized some hairstyles for you, it will make you enjoy sports better, and you can keep beauty during playing sports. Maybe you get handsome boyfriend!


Suitable exercise:
Any exercise, except lying down exercises, so that the braids will reach their heads.
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bun is one of the common hairstyles for sports girls. It is more refreshing than the high ponytail. If you do more intense exercises, you don’t have to worry about hair loss. If you want to make bun more stable, you can use a few small black clips to fix it!

360 lace front wig will be the best wig to style a bun! It is very natural and practical!

Sofeel 360 lace front wig: https://www.sofeelwigs.com/collections/360-lace-frontal-wig

3.Short Cut Wig 

A short cut is a clean look, Don’t worry about messy hair during exercise.

Sofeel fummy curly wig: 

4.With various hair bands

It's really annoying that bangs and hair are mixed with sweat during exercise. At this time, we need a hair band!

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