What Length Should I Get My Wig?


There are more and more kinds of human hair wigs in the market. In this case, it is very challenging for people to find the best wigs. In order to get a perfect look, people must look into many things like wig length, wig texture, hair materials, density and lace type, and so on. Of course, choosing the best length of the wig is very essential as if you don’t get a proper wig length, your expensive human hair wig won’t give you the glamorous feeling you desire. Today we will teach you how to choose the best wig length in the following.

What Is Wig Length?

Wig Length is simply the measurement from the hair roots on the top of the head to the ends. But for curly and wavy wigs, you need to pull the hair straight to get the exact measurement. That is because the curly and wavy texture makes the hair look shorter than its actual length.

In the below wig length chart, we will show you everything about wig length in order to help you choose the best wig length and texture for yourself.

Three Standard Wigs Length

In fact, human hair wigs can be found in various lengths from 8 inches to -30 inches.




Short hair is usually referred to as hair length ranging from just below the ears to the chin, that is 6-12 inches. If you want to experiment with short hair but don’t have enough courage to cut your own natural hair, it is an excellent option for you to choose a short hair wig. Such as classic and fashionable bob wigs, super skimpy pixie cut wigs fall with the short hair range. Besides, there are many textures for you to choose from, for example, curly, straight, body wave, and so on. With one short wig and bangs, you will get a chic and elegant look like these Hollywood actresses.


Medium hair is often between your shoulders and armpits and often regarded as 14-22 inches. It mixes the best of short and long length hair to give you a universal look. Medium length is the most popular hair length as it offers more versatility without being very difficult to maintain. You can customize it with bangs, waves or style it into a pony to try different hairstyles and styles according to your need. More importantly, they don’t weigh long wigs and are an ideal choice for daily life. Of course, there are many different hair colors, like honey blonde, natural black, 613 blonde, and so on.



Wigs with hair strands that fall below the armpit and up to the tailbone or longer are considered long-length wigs. Long hair can give an incredible look to women who are tall as it maxes out the feminine aspect. In addition, long hair can be customized into all sorts of hairstyles like pony, updos, or buns, making them a great choice.

How To Choose The Best Wig Length

When you buy a lace frontal wig and decide to opt for the best wig length, there are some important factors you need to consider in advance.


First of all, your own height is one of the important factors when you choose the best wig length. We know the length of the wig will complement or counter your height. For example, if you are petite, a very long wig will overwhelm you and make you look shorter. On the contrary, if you choose a short or medium-length wig, it will give other people the illusion that you are taller than you really are.

Body Shape

Everyone’s body build is unique. Only knowing your body shape and structure can help you easily choose the right length for your wig. For example, if you are taller and have a long body, the standard medium-length and lone wig may appear shorter on you. Conversely, a short hair wig also can accentuate your long heck. Therefore, before you choose the length of the wig, you must consider the length of your neck and torso.

Face Shape

When it comes to picking the best wig length, your face shape is one of the most important factors you need to consider. After all, you can choose any length, but if it doesn’t work with your face, it isn’t going to be all you dreamed of. Therefore, when choosing the best length of wig, please try to select the length that suits your face shape. For example, a short bob wig will fit women with square faces very well. While for women who have a diamond face, a medium-length wig with curly or wavy hair will look more fantastic.

Hair Density

When deciding the length of the wig, you should also look at hair density. In general, longer hair should have a higher density as it will help the wig look thicker and fuller.

Tips: 1. If possible, it is always safe to go for the longer length because you can always cut the extra inches off anyway. But if the wig length is too short, it is difficult and troublesome for you to expand its length.

2.Don’t be afraid to try different lengths. When you are adventurous and give every wig length available a try, you will have more chances to experiment and find the wig length and style perfect for you.








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