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Good news!! Announced today Sofeel Hair, to provide everyone with access to purchase immediately, pay later, and installment service with 0 interest. Today’s announcement is part of the Sofeel strategy, which will continue to build its global digital and in-store ecosystem functions and services to provide customers with a wide range of payment options to purchase human hair and other goods quickly and economically during this period.

How To Use Quadpay At Sofeel?

To sign up for a QuadPay account, you need to meet a few basic requirements:


     You live in the U.S.


     Youre at least 18 years old.


     You have a valid and verifiable mobile number.


     You are using a US credit/debit card to make a purchase.


It is a very convenient payment method to divide any order into 4 interest-free installments. This is a payment method. You can choose to divide the fee into 4 equal payments without any interest, fee or charge, and use a credit or debit card for payment.

When you enter the checkout stage, just select QuadPay as your payment option, and then enter your payment details. Your order will be divided into 4 batches, which will be paid within 6 weeks, and the first payment will be paid immediately. Forget about lengthy forms and waiting times. Get approved immediately and buy at zero interest rate. There is no APR.

* Your card issuing bank may charge interest or other fees based on the terms of your card agreement.

How It Works

1.For items with a checkout of more than $35, please choose QuadPay as the payment method at the checkout. No need for long forms or credit checks, just approve immediately.

2.Use a credit card to check out. At the time of purchase, the first 25% of the total amount of your order will be charged.

3.The remaining payments will be paid in equal installments and will be automatically settled within 6 weeks. If you pay on time, you do not need to pay any late fees.

QuadPay Checkout

This is where you shop online directly with a Sofeel and select QuadPay as your payment method at checkout. Youll see the QuadPay option in your cart:

As you move through the checkout process, you’ll continue your order on the QuadPay website:

Once there, youll provide your mobile number so that QuadPay can send you a confirmation code. (It uses this in part to verify your identity.) Youll be prompted to create a QuadPay account by entering your date of birth and other basic personal information. This is also where you give QuadPay permission to evaluate your purchase request:

If you’re approved, QuadPay will generate an installment schedule based on your order total, and you’ll link your credit or debit card to make your first payment:

Your card information is saved for future installment payments, which QuadPay automatically deducts every two weeks on your scheduled due dates. You can manually pay off your balance early without a prepayment penalty, but you can pay only one installment at a time. You wont be able to make one lump-sum payment and call it a day.

If youre not approved, youll receive the following notice:


Because each order request is evaluated at the time of purchase, you can always try QuadPay again in the future if youre declined the first time around.

Pros And Cons Of Paying With QuadPay

Whether you choose QuadPay Checkout or QuadPay Mobile, there are benefits and drawbacks you should keep in mind when using the installment payment service. Heres what you need to know:


* QuadPay doesnt pull your credit report when you make a purchase request, so you wont be dinged for a hard inquiry.

* You can pay off larger purchases over six weeks with just 25% down and no interest.

* Each payment is automatically deducted from your chosen card, so you can be worry-free about manually paying.

* You can have multiple QuadPay orders at once.

* Unlike some other installment payment services, you can use QuadPay anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

* Provided you make all of your payments on time, the only cost to use QuadPay is a $1-per-installment fee at non-participating retailers.

* Late-payment fees are capped at $14 ($7 the first day, and an additional $7 if youre seven days past due).

* You'll receive text and email notifications before payment is about to process.

* QuadPay may report your account activity to the credit bureaus, which can help you build credit if you maintain a history of on-time payments.

* By using a rewards credit card to make payments, you can still earn cash back or points for your purchases.

* Returns and refunds. Still make returns like you normally would and get refunded for what you've already paid.


* QuadPay offers just one payment plan: four equal installments over six weeks.

* You may be waitlisted when you first apply (you can try again in 30 days).

* Each purchase request is valid for only 24 hours. If you dont complete your order in time, youll have to start from scratch.

* QuadPay accepts only Visa or Mastercard for payments.

* QuadPay may report late payments or defaults to the credit bureaus, which can drag down your credit score. 

Is Quadpay Safe?

Yes, payments through Quadpay are secure. But it is important to keep in mind that even though Quadpay doesn't require a hard credit check, the company may report late payments or defaults to major credit reporting bureaus. This could negatively affect your credit score.

Customer Help Center:

Customers can use the self-service portal to view order information, pay early installments, and change account details.

The Help Center provides answers to the most common questions QuadPay gets from customers. The content contained in the portal answers almost 60% of all customer queries they receive, so it is an excellent resource that customers can first refer to when they have questions.

If there is an issue with your payment card we recommend reaching out to your bank first to see what the issue is. Some banks will have "online protection" and block website payments. Let them know you want to make a payment to "QuadPay."

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