How To Wash Your Hair Weave?


Using a hair weave is a common way for people who suffer from hair loss and hair thinning due to aging, medical effect, or some diseases.

The most popular types of hair weave are made of human hair or synthetic materials, refreshing your looks and styles with fabulous hair bundles sounds like a moment that needs a cake to celebrate, but keeping that hair neat and clean is not a piece of cake.

Beloved as being natural and versatile, hair weaves especially for human hair materials, are deserved your investment and care. One of the maintenance regimes is to wash your sew in weave properly.

Here we offer you some tips for you to achieve better looks after cleansing your hair weaves.

How Does Ashley Devonna Wash Her Hair?

1. Drenching the hair in water and run the brush through the hair after applying the shampoo, and divide the hair into two sections(right side and left side). Then take additional shampoo to take care of the edges and the back of the head. And don't forget to massage the scalp and the closure, you can gently use nails(her nails are long acrylic nails) to run through the braiding pattern and closure.

2. And apply conditioner to your hair. Have the conditioner on your hair for minutes, then wash the conditioner out of the hair to make sure all the product is out. And she uses a long-sleeve shirt to tie up her hair and extensions.

3. Use the hooded dryer for 45 minutes, dry the braids underneath the sew-in weaves.

4. Use essentials peppermint and aloe tonic, tonic does not make the hair greasy and leave you feeling way down. The peppermint can give you a clean feeling and the aloe is for soothing the scalp. And nourish the weaves and scalp while massaging the closure.

5. Dry the hair and make sure the hair is 100% dry with a hairdryer.

 You can choose the different ways to wash your virgin hair according to the different hair textures.


The Benefits Of Washing Your Hair Weaves Properly

1. Extend the lifespan of your hair extensions, especially useful for human hair weaves.

2. Keep your hair stay in style and color.

3. Stay away from smell and sweat, the unbearable reek smell and sticky feeling are not welcomed by you and others.

4. Good for the health of your natural hair and scalp.


If you have any questions about taking care of your hair under the weaves, you can leave us message

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