Do You Know Headband wig styles?


What Is A Headband Wig?

When searching on Google, a large number of wig users were wondering if they could wear a wig with headband. Yes, there are this type of wigs. The answer comes from real wigs. Simply put, a headband wig is a wig made of a headband material around its edge. You can slide the wig to the right through the headband instead of the clip. Headband wigs can have many styles like ordinary wigs, and the number of combs inserted and the style of headband are the important factors leading to the differences.

Different from the lace part wigs , this wig is also very popular with the wearer. The headband wig uses an elastic band instead of the lace part in front to support the head, which is a combination of the wig and the headband. Some wigs are made of 100% real hair breathable wig hat material, of course, some wigs are made of cheap synthetic materials, but Sofeel only provides affordable women's hair. This exquisite design not only improves the installation efficiency, but also adds elegant elements to ordinary human hair wigs. It is most suitable for those who want to make a small hairstyle change without damaging the natural hair quality. The black elastic band is soft and elastic, which can make the hat wear well on the head. Velcro straps at both ends of the watchband together with two large combs (front and back) prevent them from falling off. The attached handkerchief can be changed freely and used to correctly position the black belt.

Styles of Headband Wig

1.Headband Water Wave Wig

Water ripple lace wig refers to the kind of wig shaped by water wave texture. This texture is one of the most popular trends among many women, especially black women. Because it is shaped like a water wave, people began to call it a water wave wig.



2.Bob headband Wig


3. headband color wigs
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