Beginners friendly:How To Cut Bang On Lace Front Wig Setp By Step(With Video)


Many people want to cut their bangs at home, but they are worried that it will be broken. In fact, You will style perfect bangs as long as you pay attention to the methods and techniques. Then, how do you trim bangs at home? Follow sofeel wigs now!

1. Use a comb to straighten the hair, stretch some hair and let them hang naturally in front of you.

2. Start trimming the bangs from the bottom up, trim them to the right place where you think it is suitable for you. If it is the first for you to trim the hair, pls cut the hair little by little, it will be hard to cut hair mistakenly.

3. Finally, you can use a curling iron or straight clip to process the bangs so that the bangs showing the perfect arc of the curve, a little curly, and make people look lovely and cute.

More Detail, pls check the completed video on here:

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