7 Hairstyles For Job Interview


A job interview is an important part of job seeking. It is a step for employers to evaluate your related skills and qualifications for the specific position. But it doesn't mean that everything outside is unrelated to your interview. The harsh truth is that appearance of an interviewee matters a lot.

In some scenarios, you probably haven't said a word to them before the manager has already formed an opinion just simply assumed by your appearance. The reason for the interviewers being superficial is that the first thing they see is your appearance, including your attire, your hairstyle, your facial expression, your move and even your accessories, etc. You can’t blame them for being judgemental if someone shows up in a tank top and messy hairstyle. Because your look for the interview partly reveals how much you value and appreciate this chance.

And you need to consider more details if you wear a wig. A proper wig with a stylish and sophisticated design can make you look sharp and help the interviewer know that you put thoughts into this opportunity. You probably wonder what wigs you should go for. Is it professional enough and appropriate for the interview? You probably have lots of questions about hairstyles of wigs for an interview, so here we are to help you find the best hairstyle to slay the interview.

Before we diving into the hairstyles, you should check the dress codes of the company you intend to apply to. Some of them even apply to employees' hair. And we do not suggest going for a bold color or non-traditional color wig if the company has a strict dress code. Some managers might see it as an unprofessional look and think that you are here to walk the runway instead of working. Colored wigs with more prudent shades might be a great choice if you want to stand out among the interviewees. But you can go for a creative style if you’re in luck to work in a diverse and open-minded working environment.


Now Here Are Some Hairstyles For Your Interview

1.Smooth Or Curly Bob



One of the benefits of classic bob hairstyles is that they can frame your face shape. And a sleek bob wig can make you look sharp which is an emphasized trait in a job. And you can choose a curly bob if you don’t want to look stuffy. Here at Sofeel, we have all kinds of bob wigs for your job interview.

2.Straight And Sleek Long Hairstyle


Straight and long hairstyles are a little tricky to keep in shape. For those who choose this hairstyle, do remember to make sure that your hair is smooth and shiny. And you better keep the hair tucked behind your ears to prevent hair from falling to your face. We recommend that you go for a lace front wig, due to its ability to create an illusion that it looks like your own hair.

3.Polished Ponytail

A well-finished ponytail can reduce the possibilities of showing messy straight long hair. The trick is that you should tie a ponytail as tightly as possible despite the discomfort caused by pulling the hair, but you can relax your hair as soon as the interview finishes.


4.Classic High Bun

The classic bun is treated as an ideal and professional hairstyle by most offices. It makes you look sharp and add some spunk to your overall look, and it matches well with pantsuits.

5.Top Knot

If you own long curly hair and try to keep your hair back for avoiding the curls hanging in your eyes or face, a top knot can be your perfect choice. It keeps the look neat and sharp.

Though a lot of things we can't or don't want to change for a job interview, some specific traits we can improve to help us nail the interview. Your appearance is just a cherry on the cake, and the "cake" of course is your professional skills and positive attitude for the position. And remember to bring up your related job experience into your conversion.

At last, pick up your favorite wig at Sofeelwigs and show them your confidence to ace the interview!

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